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Pain Pumps/Spinal Stimulator

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Manage your chronic pain effectively.

MTV IR offers the most advanced procedures in managing chronic pain. Pain Pumps and Spinal Stimulators have proven to be very effective with carefully selected patients whose severe pain persists despite prior treatment efforts.

MTV IR’s pain pump procedure can directly improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic pain issues. Oral pain medications tend to get diffused throughout the entire body, which means that greater quantities of medication might need to be taken in order to get the appropriate dosage to ease pain. Pain Pumps are a safe and effective alternative to taking excessive amounts of oral pain medications.

The pump allows for pain medicines to be delivered exactly to source of the pain.

Spinal Stimulators also offer effective alternative

Another effective treatment for chronic spinal pain is with the use of electronic stimulators instead of traditional pain medications.

With MTV IR’s Spinal Stimulator procedure, a tiny catheter that delivers electronic signals is surgically implanted under the skin, of the chest, upper buttock, or the abdomen. These electric signals are passed through the tip of the catheter, at the precise location near the involved segment of the spinal cord, producing a tingling over the painful area, which eases the pain.

The patient is able to control the stimulator by holding a magnetic pulsing device over the skin on top of the implanted generator disk. The stimulator appears to be effective for patients with back and leg pain who did not get better with spinal surgery.

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What to Expect

The procedure involves surgically implanting a pump under the skin of a person’s abdomen, and running a catheter to the precise location in the spine where the pain is located. Medication can be pumped directly into the spinal fluid, allowing for a much more potent effect on the spinal cord.

This drastically cuts down the dose of medication that is needed, and the medication often provides even better pain relief with much fewer side effects.


Depending on the patient’s needs, the pump is usually refilled every 1-3 month(s). It is refilled by inserting a needle through the skin and through a diaphragm on the surface of the pump. Several different pain medications, or even combinations of medications, can be administered through the pump.

Since the whole system is under the skin, the risk of infection is minimized and the patient can be fully mobile and active.

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